<rant>It's really all about the Mac. I can remember when MS-DOS users (this was pre-Windows) sneered at Mac users: "Real computer users don't need a GUI." Of course, all those MS-DOS guys are still sneering, even as they bash their heads on the ugliest-ass interface ever created. Okay </rant>.

I've got a loaded dualie 2.5 G5 (cheese grater!) and I'll be interested to see the new Intel boxes, but I probably won't jump right on board. I have a rule with respect to upgrading: the top-of-the-line box must give a 200% increase in performance before I'll bite. And even now, I can't really tax Photoshop much anymore.

scannerFor those times when I still need film, I have a Nikon 9000, probably the best, and last, prosumer film scanner that will ever be made. Too bad the software is so bad, because the hardware rocks.

There's a bunch of other stuff that attaches to the computer, but it boils down to the software, and that gets summed up pretty easily: Quark sucks, CS2 rules. People can get all fussy about InDesign, especially older, crustier types, but it just flat-out kicks Quark's ass. Admittedly, if you've using an older computer ID can be painful, but are you earning a living or what?

logoGoLive, on the other hand, gets trounced by Dreamweaver. Flash is just annoying, in ways that Illustrator is annoying, but serviceable. And as I've said elsewhere, when I die and go to heaven (I hope!), I'll get to use Final Cut Pro all day long. Sure, I'm a suck-up, but will it get me free upgrades?

Tools are just tools; it's all in how you use them. Since at one time or another I've had just about every damn computer tool available (except anything Windows), I guess I know how to handle them.

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