I don't think that the whole digital video thing can be overstated. Thirty years ago, when I was a grip and a gaffer and a camera assistant and a film student, I would have killed for some of the stuff available today.xl2 Carbon fiber tripod legs?
I remember when they were wood! How many fingers did I get pinched in a set of Miller legs? Today: lighter, faster, cheaper, more flexible...hmm, now where have tripod headI heard that mantra before? Still, as yet no one has come up with anything to replace or even rival the good ol' C-stand.

Still, I have to admit: the whole reason I bought a Canon still camera was because I was so impressed with the XL2. The engineering is so well-thought-out. I figured it had to part of the Canon corporate culture. Having the L lenses fit on the XL2 didn't hurt any, either.

And based on my experience with the EOS, I guess I was right. But so much of what is built for video today is so solid and capable and... awesome. I have a k5600 Joker HMI. I first used an lightHMI a million years ago. They were rude, temperamental, costly. The Joker is light, quiet, simple to operate (but still costly). And the quality of the light: I dunno, stuff just seems to glow pleasingly under a Joker in a lantern. Not to mention efficient: it's conceivable that you could easily light a large daylight room with a couple of 400s and an 800 from two household circuits, one if you had to. For a guy who used to tap into fuse box buses with Vice-Grips for 80 and 100 amp draws to power a bank of 9-lights and a handful of Mighty Moles, that is just HUGE. Is it any wonder that I want another Joker? (Am I sucking up again?)

Video equipment Canon XL2
3x lens
EF converter

200 watt Joker HMI

Sachtler 12 head
Gitzo tripod

Sony DSR11