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4:3 Blatant Piracy Quicktime 7 300 Kbps

4:3 Blatant Piracy WMV 300 Kbps

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16:9 Barry meets Aamir Quicktime 7 300 Kbps

16:9 Barry meets Aamir WMV 300 Kbps

Barry meets Aamir East meets West. I dunno: I love Bollywood movies, and this one just cried out for a 70s shagadelic soundtrack.
Blantant Piracy Uber kitcsh chopped, sliced and diced with some treacly pop thrown in for good measure.

Weimar Garage Swedish post-punk band meets autocractic German Expressionism. Transcendence ensues.

VAaL Defies explication. Why even try? Turn off the lights and turn up loud.