I came pretty late to the web party: certainly WAAAY too late to take advantage of all that free money that was floating around on the mists of San Francisco Bay back in 1998. (For those who never lived through it, here is a great story on everything that was wrong with that period.) I didn't really get it until I saw Flash, and now, of course, CSS. (Having made that grand statement, however, users will notice I chickened out and made this site with tables.)

When pages look like real pages, without all the crap of nested tables, then you really have something. I'm by no means a super web jockey: man, you have to do Windows just to be a web noob, and I don't think I'll ever get there.

Even so , I've come to a great appreciation for Dreamweaver (see, no hand-coding... how punk is that?), and even for Fireworks.

And as you can tell if you've visited other parts of the site, I've got a big, fat jones for windsurfing, especially racing. In 2004 the St. Francis Yacht Club was selected for the site of the 2004 U.S. Windsurfing National Championships. I helped both the organizing committee at the Yacht Club and the National Authority with the identity and all the other stuff.

I'm no Stanlee Gatti, but I just wanted to include this inasmuch as I was Grand Master National Champion that year, and I don't ever expect to be National Champion again, so I need to trumpet that as much and as pathetically as possible in my remaining years of decrepitude.

Still, if you wanted someone to make your wedding really, really memorable, you could do a lot worse than me. Photos, videos, T-shirts, wedding beanies... nah, who needs the aggravation.